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Then, after several months without any updates, I come back here to comment the causes of the sudden abandonment that was done with MDVis.

In the latter semester, there were several personal problems with me. Surgery, flu and other major problems are highlighted. But the main reason for the lack of updates here is mainly one "problem": Graduation Thesis

My graduation thesis was done during the latter semester. As I (thought) have advanced a good part of what should be implemented, i thought would be easy to do all the tasks required on only one semester, when the standard is to do in 1 year. But things weren't so easy and so I have to invest much of my professional and personal time to complete the project.

But now everything is at peace again. I'm doing some meetings with my tutor to reassess the project's agenda and also trying to get back the old workway, by reading articles and studies that help me to implement our ideas. I believe that very soon we good news here ^ ^

That is, people. Again, sorry by the large delay =/


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